Use USDT, ETH and other tokens to buy merch on Memazon then convert them all to Bezoge

Already mentioned on AMA so it’ll be nice to re-emphasize it.

Please use USDT, ETH or other tokens to buy merch on Memazon, then convert those tokens to buy Bezoge.

This creates a huge buying pressure on Bezoge, especially if the store is full of orders 24/7/365.

We hodl Bezoge for investment, so we dont use it to buy stuff knowing that it’ll 1000x later.


I believe everything that has to do with Bezoge including NFTs should be circulated through the actual Bezoge token.

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for usecase, gotcha.

holding bezoge can also gives us massive discounts. the more you hold, the more tier-discounts we get. stuff like that. or special access to specific nfts