Public chat within the game

I know a lot of games like Clash of Clans use to have global chat. Which wouldn’t be a bad idea for us as well. I know their is a voice chat but a chat within the system would also be a great thing to have. I know Clash of clans chat use to be very active and not full of bots at the beginning. It ended with a lot of spam. If we had a public chat within the gaming system, in order to fight spam we could make it so you can only chat on it. If you held a certain amount of Bezoge. This should be gauged most likely as someone at least holding a say 50 dollar amount. Most people who sell out of their position will still have an amount based on the redistribution. Just some forward thinking for features in the future.


i like this idea. approved :+1: :sunglasses: :ok_hand:


Please make the chat robust enough to allow emojis! Games that don’t have this infuriate me :dagger::rage:

Also it would be great to have the ability to share a link to your items or character builds within the chat.