Level up stages: Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto etc

Add stages like “Moon” “Mars” “Jupiter” “Pluto” and each planet is only accessible when Bezoge hits certain market cap.

And since crypto world is volatile, a player can one day access “Pluto” due to high Bezoge mc but then loses that access when Bezoge mc retraces/pullback

So there can be days/weeks when players access can go up-and-down with moon-mars-jupitor-pluto.

I think this gives players the incentive to pump bezoge further to gain access to more planets. We’re talking about average-joe gamers/crypto-investors. Pewdiepie will likely to want to pump more bezoge so that he can have access to “Pluto”

And each planet gets better with more things to do, more features etc. So it rewards players for making it to that planet. Noone wants to pump bezoge to Pluto when they get there and the Pluto is a boring planet to play on.

Also, players need to fulfill certain tasks/assignments/level-ups to fly to those planets. Just because Pluto is accessible that day doesnt mean all players can immediately jump into that planet.

This gives a sense of urgency to players to level up, because access to Pluto is rare compared to access to Moon.

If they wanna “speed up” their level-up, instead of buying loot boxes (which a lot of gamers hate) they can stream bezoge game on twitch/youtube then get level-up boost. This incentives gamers to stream bezoge on their channels.

For cosmetic stuff like skins/accessories/hats/clothes for their Bezogi characters then they can buy them as NFT using Bezoge as the currency.

Lets say we make Pluto the market cap of 50 billions lol


That’s a Good Idea About Adding Different Maps To The Bezoge Game, But I Think It’ll be Even Better If We Add This Maps During Certain Periods Like Doing Certain Events & Competition On Different Maps During that Event….Like Player Who Built The Best Thing On That Map Wins & Receive Special Items From That Maps (Mars, Moon, Pluto ) Like the Rare Items Which are Only Avilable On Those Maps & We can then trade them in our ingame Bidding/ Fixed Price Marketplace.
That Will Be More Interesting & People Will Love To Take Part In Those Events & Competitions :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket: Hope This Makes Some Sense :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I don’t recall if it has been mentioned, but the whole “Season” concept done in Fortnite has been pretty successful.

Maybe turning different planets in some type of season would be worth looking at.