Let your Imagination run wild!👀

As you all know, Bezoge Earth will be an MMO where all Bezogians who survived after the Blue Origins crash which brought down partial apocalypse would come together for a fresh start.

Building a new world is no one man job.We need all the help we can get from our fellow Bezogians to get things moving.

Bezoge is a community… Bezoge is the future…so we decided to build the first game for the people by the people.

We need all intelligent minds to come together and share their ideas for the metaverse and the devs will add those features into the game. How cool would it be to play a game that you helped build???

A little bit more about Bezoge Earth.

Bezoge Earth is an online multiplayer game where the gamers can follow the storyline of Bezoge. The Bezoge rocket burned up in the atmosphere and exploded, taking half the earth with it. The remaining Bezogian community are now tasked with rebuilding the world. Players can use their unique NFT Bezogi to experience the game, there will also be a generic character for people to use who don’t own the NFT. In future expansions to the game, the Metaverse will be built using community-generated ideas. Bezoge Earth will be the Bezogian paradise the people want. Built by the people for the people.