Inviting somehow iconic pop-culture dogs in the game

It could be fun to invite iconic pop-culture dogs in the game - like a cross-reference to culture and art.

1- Brian Griffin
2- Buddy (in “Billy & Buddy”, Boule & Bill)
3- Droopy
4- Lady & The Tramp (La Belle et le Clochard)
5- Pluto (in “Mickey Mouse”)
6- Rin-Tin-Can (in “LuckyLuke”, Rantanplan)
7- Scooby Doo (Scoubidou)
8- Snoopy
9- Snowy (in “Tintin”, Milou)
10- the 101 Dalmatians
and so many others

Iconic Dogs_Brian Griffin
Iconic Dogs_Buddy (Bill) 1
Iconic Dogs_Buddy (Bill) 2
Iconic Dogs_Droopy

Iconic Dogs_Rantanplan 1

Iconic Dogs_Snoopy 1

Iconic Dogs_the 101 dalmatians