Introducing Property Card As NFT For Server in Bezoge MMO Game

It Will Be Awesome If We Give Every Player Who Joins The Bezoge Multiverse Game a Property Card Which Will Act as an NFT/ Sale Agreement. The Property Card Will Have a QR Code Added To it So That People Can Scan The QR Code & Then They Can See What Particular Player is Built in His Server & Also We Can Create a MarketPlace Where Players Can Post Their NFT Property Cards & Make it Available For Other Players To Buy The Server After They Scanned the QR Code From The Property Card & They Can See What The Server Has Made Like Only Viewable…They Can’t Destroy Anything in Other’s Server…They Can Only See it & After They Buy The Server Using the NFT Propert Card Which Has That Server Linked To Then They Can Do & Create Anything in That Server. It’ll Create a Huge Marketplace For Creative Gamers Who Create Creative Servers.
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We are Bezoge, We are The Future❤️


Pretty interesting idea. That’d be cool if its possible to be implemented.

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Yeah I Hope So. Our Devs are Bunch of Smartie Pants….They Will Do it For Sure If It’s Possible​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::fire::fire::fire: