In game play suggestions

Hi Guy’s, so I have been thinking about the game mechanics as requested by the Devs and talking to my 12 year old grandaughter and even my own kids. Can we name our Bezogis in game play, maybe personalized armour also our legendary weapons eg; excalibur, Thor, etc. The play area is so big I worry that young people may find it too big, how about a “beam me up Scotty” ( royalty may apply?) ability or teleport stations, maybe you might have to use blocks to pay your way for these things (peeps would have to decide to spend blocks or not). Maybe hover boards, flights, helicopter rides in game, powered skates, electrical bicycles etc. Also save the planet stuff is topical, maybe innoculations against things, spider bites, (covid 19) Infections, tonics for power upgrades.
Just a few Ideas any comments welcome and when the alpha game comes out it will be easier to make suggestions.

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