Game: L2 economy scale options

Scale, infrastructure, players and transactions, are considerations of the game designs adoption success.

Preference: Design with L2 side chain, arbitrary game / virtual token, economy linked to mainnet token BEZOGE for speed.

Additionally, a few economy ideas for community consideration:

  1. Pay to Play: buy BEZOGE to unlock game / virtual tokens - start with a low marginal amount of BEZOGE ( consider a v low barrier to entry ) - consider tiers for upping the anti on bezogi powers. I.e. default to have minimum 1 colour base?
  2. Play to Earn: the game / virtual token : the side chain - game economy born, pls don’t undermine the value of BEZOGE token : bridge the L2 game / virtual token to ETH mainnet, and BEZOGE.
  3. Farm to Earn: own, build, rent, buy, sell, transfer, where players can get entrepreneurial, I.e. a game hotel - pay to stay using game / virtual token - available through option 1 or 2.



Bezoge devs mentioned that they’re really considering Matic/Polygon chain for Bezoge transactions within the game.

Dunno about #1, #2, #3 other than I think they’re great ideas.