Creating a Bezoge Streaming Platform For Every Blockchain Gamer

So, I Was Just Thinking About How Twitch Works & Suddenly a Great Idea Got into My Mind,

Bezoge Can Create A Streaming Platform Where The Gamers Can Stream All Their Blockchain Gameplay & Bezoge Will Be The Currency Of Our Streaming Platforms To Provide Services & Different Different Features.

  1. Like We Can Create Platform Such as Every Time The Streamer Gets Donation Part of it Will Be Go To Every Bezoge Holder Or Maybe We Can Burn it So That The Value Of Bezoge Will Increase as The Number Of Streamers Increase in Our Platform.

  2. The Streaming Platform Will Be Only Allowed To Blockchain Games or We Can Create A Open Streaming Platform & Include Bezoge as in-stream Payment & Like They Can Get 100 Bezoge Per Penny Or Something Like We Can Make Bezoge The Stable Coin as well I donno How its done but I’m sure devs will find the best way to utilise bezoge in our Streaming Platform.

  3. They Can Buy Screenlay for their streams using Bezoge tokens…Creators can Create Screen lay for streamers & list them in front of every gamer.Our Streaming Platform Currency Will Be Bezoge.

  4. We Can Add Multiple features of other streaming platforms & Create a Very High tech Streaming Platform & Use Bezoge as the Currency.

So My Big Idea is To Create a Blockchain Games Streaming Platform Or It can be available for any games…Just Make sure to Put huge usecase for bezoge in it so that we can increase the burn rate & increase bezoge Value​:fire::fire::fire:

Like it if You Think it’s Genius :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


What You Think About This Guys :fire:

This is good. There are some blockchain based video and streaming services already out there, for example and
Great idea to add to the mix. Might require a larger Dev team to implement everything though.

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I Hope One Of The Dev Put Their Feedback on this idea so that we can get to know that is this do-able or not😄

This is a cool idea @Bezoge_To_The_Moon

Would take a while to implement such a platform, but certainly fits into the ecosystem long term. We’ll look into it at a later date.