Coin usage in game, make them square

Are the coins I’ve seen official, because I was thinking we could have different coloured coins to represent different values (kinda like poker chips) and if they were square not round they could make up the blocks in the game, so they could be the 8 std colours of the Bezogi, that way if 8 stacked together they made a cube or block, people could make their own building blocks of differing values for inside the game, what do you all think?


This is a fantastic idea

Those poker-chip coins can even be nft by themselves, part of tradeable items on bezoge metaverse.

It’s very minecraft-y. It encourages people to acquire more “tokens” to build their cubes/block and eventually buildings.

And to acquire those, they gotta buy them as NFTs

Thanks Carrie number 1 support person on Instagram

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Well I think it has wings, maybe you could have an uprgaded “Quidditch” style homing block?

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Very nice, as long as J.K. Rowling wont sue us. Or maybe she will collab with bezoge? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Call it the homing pigeon block…


Maybe the most expensive block in the game, if stolen always comes back to you unless bought out by another player, bribed to stay, a turncoat??


If it’s NFT it can’t be stolen. But if it isn’t then it should be able to be stolen. If other players buy them, they should use ETH or Bezoge :+1: :sunglasses: :ok_hand:

Ahh! ok, just not quite up to speed here, I assumed the speedzogie were stealing blocks??

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That’d be cool. That makes speedzogie NFTs great too acquire :sunglasses: :+1: :+1:

So that got me thinking, there could be two types of blocks, the token blocks on the blockchain either can’t be stolen, maybe make your building foundations out of these, if you can’t afford them you use the generic style block, which is able to be plundered, that way as you go through the game and acquire more tokens you can make your building more and more impregnable, some people will choose to have that indistructability early and just buy, others will accumulate in game money/tokens and achieve a level of building security over many small accummulations.

I am assuming a lot in my last reply, are the blocks even for in game buildings??