Brainstorming session for our rocket ship

I think it would be awesome for them to implement controversial characters such as other token meme’s and Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Satoshi Nakamoto, and many more. The more controversial the better. This will create shilling vectors within these communities channels and might even ignite tweets or responses from these famous groups or people. The sky’s the limit you don’t have to stop there. This will create viral advertising and shoot us to the moon like no other!


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This is a great idea that I head about from the Dev in a voice chat like a month ago. It will be great to add this type of humor to the game. Paraphrasing what I recall, adding crypto/meme humor to the game to create a bring between the gaming and crypto communities n


Nice! I do recall this as well

Janet Yellen
Elon Musk

Those would be some good enemies. Lots of people hate Soros, but they are in a certain demographic. Where is the line drawn for maintaining a non-left/non-right leaning game. There are some people that think of Soros and the Rothschilds as saviors. That group may not be to happy to have their icons as enemies. Politics kills business. I keep my personal politics out of my small business. My business makes me money and I’m happy to take that money from people I disagree with.


Agreed should be more entertaining. Like Vitalik and Britney Spears or something hilarious like that. More entertainment value.

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Not sure how many bezogians were into crypto back in the Cryptsy days, but I think a lot people wouldn’t mind seeing BigVern as an enemy.

ok fine. so how bout Carlos Matos from Bitconnect? Bitconneeeeeeeeeeect

Seems to me you put them all in. How they’re viewed will be up to the lens of the various communities which will coalesce within the meta verse.


The game mirrors life?

Go Bezoge


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Maybe we can “shill” other crypto coins within the game for a price. Another idea would be able to change the characters costumes for a price/have exclusive items that are displayable in game, but are actually NFTs

Buy the merch/nft on Memazon and use it in the MMO.

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If there are NPCs in the game, including variations of the most talked about people as these NPCs and just include some of the things people dislike or like them for. Let the gamers/community see their idol/enemy but not actually label the NPC as an enemy. Ditch the political correctness nonsense and keep the humor.


this is what we plan to provide memazon primal members as a service


This is brilliant!
Because coins (any type of animals actually - see FEG is a monkey) would like to have a chance to be on the platform with the others (creates FOMO) and their respective communities will be prone to come and play in order to defend their coin (or whatever the mission is).


Following on to the NFT you made for Snoop Dogg. I think you should make a few more for other celebs, it would only take one of them to get one of the board to give Bezoge a much wider audience.

Ideas for celeb NFT’s:

Make one for KSI that would be massive if he accepted the NFT and spoke about Bezoge on his channel. He’s already quite public about being into crypto.

Other celebs:

Lil pump
Joe Rogan
Login Paul
Jake Paul

Obviously I’d love a custom NFT myself if this idea bangs.

He’d love something like this.

Might post it on his reddit, any publicity is good publicity. He only mentioned LUNA once and everyone bought that coin.

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What if yall make a 1of1 nft of a elon musk looking bezogian riding in the tesla he sent to space. I think that would get alot of attention. He might even buy it :eyes: